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The Origin of Chinese Deities

The Origin of Chinese Deities

Cheng Manchao (Author), Man-Ch0ao Ch0eng (Author)

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  • Printing time: 2004-1-1
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China is a country with a long history and rich resources of national culture China's ancient history is the root of modern Chinsese culture. It is audible, visible and touchable. Through the ages, unique traditions have exerted an influence on the Chinese people's thinking and behaviour, Stories about gods, ghosts, fairies and spirits have merged in the course of social progress. This shows that China had developed its own national tradition in creating gods since ancient times. With abundant historical material and exhausitive studies over many years, the author provides a vivid and interesting account of the twentynine widely known and revered gods who influenced the lives of the Chinese people for many centuries. They include the Bodhisattva Guanyin, a goddess who helps the needy and relieves the distressed; Kitchen God, who is in charge of blessing the mortal King of Hell, sovereign of the ghost world; Jade Emperor, the highest ruler in heaven; and Jiang Taigong, who is responsible for granting titles to gods. Why and how are they enshrined and worshipped by the masses even by the rulers? This book gives the answers scientifically and objectively, thus presenting one aspect of the Chinese popular culture, This is helpful in the understanding of people's religious beliefs, and of achaeology, history, sociology, psychology, and folk literature.


ISBN 9787119000305
出版社 Foreign Languages ​​Press
作者 Cheng Manchao (Author), Man-Ch0ao Ch0eng (Author)
页数 240




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