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A Hanging Chart of Simplified Taiji Quan (English Ed.) 简化太极拳挂图 (英文版)

A Hanging Chart of Simplified Taiji Quan (English Ed.) 简化太极拳挂图 (英文版)


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Taiji Quan is such a physical exercise that, on the one hand, it can help prevent and cure diseases, and on the other, improve health and the physique.Regular practice of Taiji Quan may help improve the cerebral function and get rid of many chronic diseases caused by nervous disorders. This exercise can be done any place, at any time, by people of any age in just about any health condition; therefore, a larger following than any other Wushu exercise in China.
Taiji Quan has various schools, and their routines are all somewhat different. This set of routines, which consists of 24 forms; has been simplified and standardized by China's State Physical Culture and Sports Commission in order to make Taiji Quan more popular. It is, therefore, the most basic,yet authoritative. It has proved simple and clear, and easy to learn. We have published a hanging chart showing the movements of simplified Taiji Quan,together with simple captions, in order to help Taiji Quan enthusiasts grasp the essentials of its movements in an effective and quick way.

  • 商品尺寸: 37 x 25.6 x 0.3 cm
  • 外文名: A Hanging Chart of Simplified Taiji Quan
  • 出版社: 外文出版社
  • ISBN: 7119004999
  • 条形码: 9787119004990


ISBN 9787119004990
出版社 外文出版社
作者 中国武术协会
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