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邓小平文革岁月 Deng Xiaoping and the Cultural Revolution (英文版)

邓小平文革岁月 Deng Xiaoping and the Cultural Revolution (英文版)

邓榕 著

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  • 版 次:1
  • 页 数:481
  • 字 数:390000
  • 印刷时间:2002-5-1
  • 开 本:
  • 纸 张:胶版纸
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  • 包 装:平装

关于作者: Deng Rong,nicknamed Maomao,was born in Southwest China's Chongqing City,the fourth child of Deng Xiaoping. After graduation from the Girls'Middle School attached to the Beijing Nromal University,she went to live and work for three years in a rural village on the loess plateau in the northern part of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province.Later,she studied medicine in and graduated from the Beijin Medical College.

1. Crowded Events of 1966
2. Trouble Begins at Home
3. “Bombard the Headquarters”
4. Criticize Liu and Deng
5. Go All Out Against “Persons in Authority Taking the Capitalist Road”
6. Down with Liu,Deng,Tao!
7. The Chill of Autumn
8. A Lonely Craft on a Bounding Sea
9. The“Deng Xiaoping Case Team”
10. The Enlarged 12th Plenary Session of the Eighth Party Central Committee
11. May Terror
12. Calamity Drops form the Skies
13. The Performance of the Deng Xiaoping Case Tea from Beginning to End
14. The Ninth Party National Congress and“Contnuing the Revolution”
15. A Strategic Exodus


ISBN 9787119030401
出版社 外文出版社
作者 邓榕 著
页数 481




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