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China: TAOISM 中国道教

China: TAOISM 中国道教


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A General Introduction to Taoism in China 
1 The Beliefs ot Taoist,and Its Deities and Immortals 
2 Taoist Priests,Taoist Riuals,and the Life of Taoists 
3 Taoist Musical Instrumests and Ritual Articles 
4 Taoist Gongfu and Alchemy 
5 Sacred Moun


Taoism regards Tao, or the Way, as its ultimate belief. The 'Tao' that we believe in is fund amen tally the 'void' or nothingness yet enpassing everything. Therefore, we always advocate the spirit of to lerance .In this world exist many cultures and religions, large in number and distinct in nature. We believe that these distinctions do not necessarily lead to conflict. Taoism advocates the Tao's way in accordance with the law of Nature. Although Nature may be posed of very different species, it goes on in a harmonious and systematic way. As long as we can tolerate each other and respect each other's beliefs, values and life styles ,we will be able to live in harmony with each other.
To cultivate in people a sense of tolerance and harmony, Taoism advocates the spirit of 'universal love.' 'Universal love' is to maintain a benevolent loving heart towards all people, be their family members or strangers, the great or the humble. Taoism calls for people to feel happy about the wellbeing of others, sympathize with others in suffering, help those in danger, support those in need, and feel us over others' gains and sorrowful for their losses just as we do over our own gains and losses. If every one of us cherish a loving heart, is there any conflict in the world that cannot be resolved?
Today, the Taoist Association of China, at the request of the Foreign Languages Press, has piled this album of Taoism for people overseas. This is a worthwhile endeavor to spread Taoist culture and promote exchange and dialogue between Taoism and other cultures and religions in the world. I am honored to write the preface for such an album.


ISBN 9787119030616
出版社 外文出版社
作者 中国道教协会
页数 104




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