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善行与炮舰 (英文版) Good Deeds & Gunboats

善行与炮舰 (英文版) Good Deeds & Gunboats

(美国)迪恩(Hugh Deane)

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出版社: 外文出版社; 第1版 (2003年1月1日)
外文书名: Good Deeds & Gunboats
丛书名: 中国之光
精装: 290页
正文语种: 英语
开本: 16
ISBN: 7119034669
条形码: 9787119034669

The China Society for People's Friendship Studies (PFS) in coopera-tion with the Foreign Languages Press (FLP) in Beijing has arrangedfor re-publication, in the series entitled Light on China, of some fifty bookswritten in English between the 1860s and the founding years of the People'sRepublic, by journalistic and other sympathetic eyewitnesses of the revo-lutionary events described. Most of these books have long been out of print,but are now being brought back to life for the benefit of readers in China and abroad.


ISBN 9787119034669
出版社 外文出版社
作者 (美国)迪恩(Hugh Deane)
页数 290




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