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孙子兵法 孙膑兵法 (英文版)

孙子兵法 孙膑兵法 (英文版)

(春秋)孙武 著,林戊荪 译(战国)孙膑 著,林戊荪 译

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作  者:(春秋)孙武 著,林戊荪 译,(战国)孙膑 著,林戊荪 译
出 版 社:外文出版社
版  次:1
页  数:229
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纸  张:胶版纸
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I S B N:9787119034836
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Making Assessmen Waging War Attacking by Strat Disposition (xing ?) Momentum (shi ?) Weaknesses and Strenths(xu shi??) Contest to Gain the Initiative Varying the Tactics(jiu bian??) Deploying the Troo The Terrain Nine Regions Attacking by Fire Using Spies Sun Bin: The Art of War The Capture Of Pang Juan An Audience with King Wei King Wei's Inquiries Tian Ji's Inquiries Concerning Ramparts Selecting Crack Troops The "Heaven" Factor in War Setting up Formations Significance of Ground Strategic Advantage How to Run an Army Making the Right Choice Troops Reduction(text untranslated) Sustaining Morale The Officer's Functions Five Ways to Train Troops Strengthening the Army 
Appendix 1: Collecion of Scattered Texts
Appendix 2: The Story of Sun Bin


ISBN 9787119034836
出版社 Foreign Languages Press
作者 (春秋)孙武 著,林戊荪 译(战国)孙膑 著,林戊荪 译
页数 229




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