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健身气功 易筋经(配DVD一张)Chinese Health Qigong---Yi Jin Jing(With DVD)

健身气功 易筋经(配DVD一张)Chinese Health Qigong---Yi Jin Jing(With DVD)

国家体育总局健身气功管理中心 编

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Chapter Ⅰ Origins and Development 
Chapter Ⅱ Characteristics
Chapter Ⅲ Practice Tips
Chapter Ⅳ Step-by-Step Descriptions of the Routines
Section 1 Hand and Foot Forms
Basic Hand Forms
Basic Stances
Section 2 The Exercises Illustrated
Ready Position
Routine 1 Wei Tuo Presenting the Pestle 1(韦驮献杵第一式)
Routine 2 Wei Tuo Presenting the Pestle 2(韦驮献杵第二式)
Routine 3 Wei Tuo Presenting the Pestle 3(韦驮献杵第三式)
Routine 4 Plucking a Star and Exchanging a Star Cluster(摘星换斗势)
Routine 5 Pulling Nine Cows by Their Tails(倒拽九牛尾势)
Routine 6 Displaying Paw-Style Palms like a White CraneSpreading Its Wings(出爪亮趐势)
Routine 7 Nine Ghosts Drawing Swords(九鬼拔地势)
Routine 8 Three Plates Falling on the Floor(三盘落地势)
Routine 9 Black Dragon Displaying Its Claws(青龙探爪势)
Routine 10 Tiger Springing on Its Prey(臥虎扑食势)
Routine 11 Bowing Down in Salutation (打躬势)
Routine 12 Swinging the Tail(掉尾势)
Closing From
Acupuncture Points Mentioned in This Book


ISBN 9787119047782
出版社 外文出版社
作者 国家体育总局健身气功管理中心 编
页数 95




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