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健身气功·八段锦(配DVD一张) Chinese Health Qigong---Ba Duan Jin(With DVD)

健身气功·八段锦(配DVD一张) Chinese Health Qigong---Ba Duan Jin(With DVD)

国家体育总局健身气功管理中心 编

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Chapter Ⅰ Origins and Development
Chapter Ⅱ Characteristics
Chapter Ⅲ Practice Tips
Chapter Ⅳ Step-by-Step Descriptions of the Routines
Section 1 Hand and Foot Forms
Basic Hand Forms
Basic Stance
Section 2 The Exercises Illustrated
Ready Position
Routine 1 Holding the Hands High with Palms Up to Regulate the Internal Organs(双手托天理三焦)
Routine 2 Posing as an Archer Shooting Both Left- and Right-Handed (左右开弓似射雕)
Routine 3 Holding One Arm Aloft to Regulate the Functions of the Spleen and Stomach (调理脾胃须单举)
Routine 4 Looking Backwards to Prevent Sickness and Strain (五劳七伤注后瞧)
Routine 5 Swinging the Head and Lowering the Body to Relieve Stress (摇头摆尾去心火)
Routine 6 Moving the Hands down the Back and Legs, and Touching the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys(两手擎足固肾腰)


ISBN 9787119047812
出版社 外文出版社
作者 国家体育总局健身气功管理中心 编
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