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10-minute Primer Tai Ji Quan

10-minute Primer Tai Ji Quan

Zhou Qingjie

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  • Paperback: 121 pages
  • Publisher: Foreign Languages Press (January 1, 2010)
  • Language: English

The book gives a briefintroduction to Tai Ji Quan,illustrates its evolution,introduces its major schoolsand the benefit to its praction-ers, and elaborates the Taijiculture. By studying thesimplified movement routinesof Tai Ji Quan, the practionerscan experience the subtle butwonderful changes residing inthis martial art. Contents: What is Tai Ji Quan? Origin & Development of Tai Ji Quan Major Tai Ji Quan Styles The Cultural Charm of Tai Ji Quan Tai Ji Quart and Health Bare Hands and Weapons Learning Tai Ji Quan Points for Attention While Practicing Tai Ji Quan Classical Essay on Tai Ji Quan


ISBN 9787119054629
出版社 Foreign Languages ​​Press
作者 Zhou Qingjie
页数 121




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