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Contemporary Introduction to Chinese Medicine in Comparison with Western Medicine

Contemporary Introduction to Chinese Medicine in Comparison with Western Medicine

Xie Zhufan 

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  • Pages: 396
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  • Printing time: 2010-1-1
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  • Paper: offset paper
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  • Packaging: hardcover

This book systematically introduces the scientific basis of traditional Chinese medicine theory, clinical applications and advantages of Integrative Medicine. This book has the following characteristics: 1, the theoretical part of traditional Chinese medicine. This book describes the theory of Chinese medicine and cultural background, but also concerned about the comparative analysis with the corresponding period of the Western (Greek) medicine theory and cultural backgrounds, in order to make Western readers a clearer understanding of TCM in place. 2, Chinese Basics section. Highlighted some unique methods of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine complementary. 3, clinical treatment section. In the selection of disease, the book does not simply choose Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine have no way to effect common species are introduced, or simply select some cases to be corroborated, but strictly according to Western medicine most valued "evidence-based medicine" Principles (RCCT, namely: Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial) conduct selection and case analysis of disease.


ISBN 9787119060484
出版社 Foreign Languages ​​Press
作者 Xie Zhufan 
页数 396




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