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Health Qigong: Dawu Exercises (with DVD) 大舞 (附DVD)

Health Qigong: Dawu Exercises (with DVD) 大舞 (附DVD)

国家体育总局健身气功管理中心 编著

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  • 版 次:1
  • 页 数:99
  • 印刷时间:2012-7-1
  • 开 本:16开
  • 纸 张:胶版纸
  • 印 次:1
  • 包 装:平装

Health Qigong — Dawu Exercises is one of the new health qigongbreath and exercise regimens organized and compiled by the ChineseHealth Qigong Association. This new exercise is based upon "Da Wu"which was recorded in ancient documents, with stress laid onflexing movements and rotation of joints throughout the body. Da Wuis a set of joint-relaxing dance exercises that has gracefulmovements and is easy to learn; it is suitable for people of variedabilities. Qigong helps prevent illnesses, improve health andprolong life.


ISBN 9787119078687
出版社 外文出版社
作者 国家体育总局健身气功管理中心 编著
页数 99




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