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平易近人——习近平的语言力量(英文版)Xi Jinping: Wit and Vision - Selected Quotations and Commentary (English Ed.)

平易近人——习近平的语言力量(英文版)Xi Jinping: Wit and Vision - Selected Quotations and Commentary (English Ed.)

Chen Xixi 编

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In his speeches, President Xi Jinping explains the profound in simple yet powerful terms. This book features distinctive expressions that have been selected and compiled from speeches delivered by Xi Jinping since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is divided into four sections: Overview, Imagery and Metaphors, Everyday Sayings, and Quotations from the Classics. This book examines the origin and context of these expressions and explains the ideas behind them. It explores their immediate significance and social impact.Readable, memorable, and practical, the book provides insight into the speeches of Xi Jinping from a linguistic and cultural perspective.
A Pool of Stagnant Water and a Surging Undercurrent
Curb Urban Development That Follows the "Roll-out-Dough" Model
Blue Waters and Green Hills, Mountains of Gold and Silver
"Bauast Stones and "Boosters"
Guarding Against the Spaghetti Bowl Effect
Calcium Deficiency and Weak Spines
Leaving Marks When We Tread on Stones or Grasp Iron
Hunting Tigers and Swatting Flies
Examine Oneself in the Mirror, Straighten Out One's Clothes and Hat,
Take a Bath, and Treat One's Illnesses
"Remaining in Contact with the Ground" and "Recharging One's Batteries"
Heading Off to Take the Civil Service Examinations
Breaking Through the "Enclosed City," "Glass Doors:' and "Invisible Walls"
The Live High-Voltage Line
Catch Them Early While They Are SmaII,Just as Illnesses Must Be Treated
Serving the People Cannot Be Like a Gust of Wind


ISBN 9787119097763
出版社 外文出版社
作者 Chen Xixi 编
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