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欢乐的动物世界:小花鹿 (汉英对照) Joyous World of Animals: Little Sika Deer (Bilingual)

欢乐的动物世界:小花鹿 (汉英对照) Joyous World of Animals: Little Sika Deer (Bilingual)

葛翠琳 著,刘浚 译

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  • 页 数:35
  • 印刷时间:2013-8-1
  • 开 本:大16开
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  Joyous World of Animals is a seriesof children's stories written by Ge Cuilin and illustrated by ZhangWeixin, both of whom are famous for their work in children'sliterature. Through their carefully crafted tone and lovelyillustrations, these stories will allow children to feel as thoughthey are really exploring the mountain forest- a joyous world oflittle animals.

  In this loving world, the littleanimals share fruit with each other, but they also share themagical experiences of friendship.

  The author's lyrical prose depictsthe beauty of Nature and conveys her mystique;through these tales,young readers will be able to glimpse some of life's most importantmoral truths. Modesty and generosity, for example, are virtueswherever you go.


ISBN 9787508525518
出版社 五洲传播出版社
作者 葛翠琳 著,刘浚 译
页数 35




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