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名家讲中国绘画名作(英)Masters on Masterpieces of Chinese Painting

名家讲中国绘画名作(英)Masters on Masterpieces of Chinese Painting

《文史知识》编辑部 著

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The Value of Literati Paintings

Gu Kaizhi’s Painting of Ode to Goddess Luo

Zhan Ziqian and His Painting Spring Outing

Han Gan and His Painting Herding Horses

Han Huang and His Painting Five Oxen

Gu Hongzhong’s Painting Han Xizai EveningBanquet

Zhou Wenju’s Playing Chess by DoubleScreens

Xu Xi, Huang Quan and “Non-OutlinedPaintings”

Landscape Paintings by Fan Kuan

Wang Qihan’s Man Cleaning His Ear

Xiao and Xiang Rivers of Dong Yuan

Stories about the Painting Along the Riverduring the Qingming Festival

Wen Tong and His Bamboo Paintings

The Two Mis and Three Zhaos

Emperor Huizong and Academy Painting of theSong Dynasty

Li Bai’s Image in Liang Kai’s Painting

A Brief Analysis of Ma Lin’s Listening tothe Wind in the Pines

Secrets of Plum Blossom Paintings of theSong and Yuan Dynasties

Four Master Painters in Late Yuan Dynasty

Huang Gongwang and His Painting Nine PeaksClearing after Snow

On Wang Meng’s Ge Zhichuan Resettlement

Fu Shan’s Piled Rocks on Hills

Bada Shanren and His Flower-and-BirdPaintings

Self-Portrait of Jin Nong

Ren Bonian’s Birds-Hunting in the Autumn

Wu Changshuo and His Plum Paintings


ISBN 9787508533209
出版社 五洲传播出版社
作者 《文史知识》编辑部 著
页数 299




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