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Practical Chinese Massage Therapy with Illustrations 实用中医推拿详图解 (英文版)

Practical Chinese Massage Therapy with Illustrations 实用中医推拿详图解 (英文版)

潘畅 著

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  The book is terse and concise. The massage techniques adoptedin the treatment are demonstrated with simple diagrams instead ofwords, so readers can learn it with ease. The diagrams of massagetechniques are separately used for each indication andindependently laid out for other indications; thus, readers can gettwice the result with half the effort.


  With the growing understanding of traditional Chinese medicinein the West, its undeniable efficacy is beginning to catch theattention of people all over the world. In order to provide Westernreaders with a clearer understanding of this exotic ancient flowerof traditional Chinese medicine, this book presents over twentyclinical cases of diseases which can be effectively treated throughthe use of massage therapy, It also introduces sixty-one massagetechniques for relief from fatigue in different body parts, forkeeping fit and for adjuvant treatment. All of this is accompaniedby detailed illustrations, which make the book invaluable andconvenient for both learners and practitioners of Chinese massagetherapy.


ISBN 9787510423826
出版社 新世界出版社
作者 潘畅 著
页数 353




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