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刘富华 等编著

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版 次:2 页 数:66 字 数:30000 印刷时间:2014-6-1 开 本:16开 纸 张:胶版纸 印 次:1 包装:平装
  This is Workbook 2 of Chinese Paradise (2nd Edition), to be used together with Textbook 2. There are 12 lessons altogether, each of which includes 6-8 exercises. The exercises in each lesson are divided into four sections: pinyin, Chinese characters, vocabulary and dialogs, which are presented with novel and lively illustrations and are designed to be carried out through a variety of enjoyable and useful learning activities, such as placing stickers, coloring characters,matching exercises, maze tasks, etc. In addition, relevant handicraft activities are included. Sticker pages and pages for tracing Chinese characters are provided at the end of this Workbook.   In view of the difficulties that beginners may encounter in writing Chinese characters, students are not required to complete the exercises using Chinese characters. They may use pinyin in all the exercises except the part for them to practice writing Chinese characters.   A CD accompanying the book provides materials for the listening exercises marked with a CD sign in each lesson.


ISBN 9787561938232
出版社 北京语言大学出版社
作者 刘富华 等编著
页数 66




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