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Easy Way to Learn Chinese Idioms 轻松学汉语:成语(英文版)

Easy Way to Learn Chinese Idioms 轻松学汉语:成语(英文版)

He Hong (Author), Liu Tingting (Illustrator), Shuhui Hao (Illustrator)

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Chinese idioms, the cream of Chinese language, are pearls of Chinese culture. This book consists of eighty-one stories about Chinese idioms, with eye-cathing illustrations and pinyin and a concise explanation for each Chinese character. The book provides readers with an opportunity of learning Chinese idioms and an easy method for improving their Chinese language ability. This book will serve as an indispensable guide for readers who are interested in Chinese language or are otherwise fascinated with Chinese culture.


Chinese idioms can be traced back to as early as 3,000 yearsago when Chinese characters first came into being. Since then, theclan of idioms has been expanding continuously with the developmentof Chinese culture, and by now its members number in the tensof thousands. Most idioms are derived from historical events, andnowadays plays an active role in people's everyday lives. Therefore,they can be seen as the crystallization of Chinese history and atreasure of Chinese culture.
Compiled on the basis of historical records, the stories in thisbook have been revised in plain and simple language. To enhancecomprehension, each idiom in this book appears in two forms: Chinesecharacters and pinyin, and for each character a concise explanationin English is offered. With a vivid illustration matching eachstory, the reader will get a strong impression and a distinct idea ofeach and every idiom.
This book includes eighty-one idioms with one story followingeach. They are the most popular ones in modern Chinese usage andare some of the easier ones to master.


ISBN 9787800053184
出版社 New World Press,China
作者 He Hong (Author), Liu Tingting (Illustrator), Shuhui Hao (Illustrator)
页数 228




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