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当代中文 练习册1

当代中文 练习册1

吴中伟 主编

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  • 版 次:1
  • 页 数:95
  • 字 数:
  • 印刷时间:2006-1-1
  • 开 本:
  • 纸 张:胶版纸
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  • 包 装:平装

Contemporary Chinese is a textbook designed for those students who are learning Chinese. The ultimate goal of this book is to develop the student's ability to comprehend and communicate in the Chinese language. Specifically, it provides training in listening. speaking, reading, and writing Chinese.
Intended for English-speaking learners, these Chinese teaching materials are designed to develop the learners' ability to listen, speak, read and write, as well as the ability to communicate in social settings.
Text Book (Vols.1-4):This consists of text. Vocabulary, notes, grammar, and cultural background. The texts, given in both simplified and unsimplified characters, also include pinyin and English translation.


ISBN 9787800528828
出版社 华语教学出版社
作者 吴中伟 主编
页数 95




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