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跟我学汉语:多媒体光盘 DVD-ROM (第3册)

跟我学汉语:多媒体光盘 DVD-ROM (第3册)


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跟我学汉语:多媒体光盘 (DVD-ROM CD),通过情境视频、交互动画、语音听读、词语查询、练习游戏等栏目,帮助汉语初学者掌握教材内容。光盘使用方便、活泼有趣、容量巨大。



Learn Chinese with Me is part of a major project sponsored by Hanban. It is a set of Chinese teaching materials specially compiled for the middle school overseas students aged 15 to 18, which has won the title of "The Outstanding International Chinese Language Teaching Materials"by Hanban in December 2010. Learn Chinese with Me is also a beginning teaching materials of multi-language developed by Hanban in 2009, including a student's book, a teacher's book, a workbook, flash cards, Chinese character cards and CDs, which has been designed, compiled, produced and published to suit the psychological level and learning requirements of students aged 15 to 18.The emphasis is on enabling the students to learn Chinese in natural conditions and to arouse their interest in Chinese, so as to lay a solid foundation for their studies. The books have been published in different versions of 45 languages.


ISBN 9787900754097
出版社 人民教育电子音像出版社
作者 国家汉办
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