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轻松学汉语 练习册1 (第三版)  Chinese Made Easy Workbook 1 (3rd Ed.)

轻松学汉语 练习册1 (第三版) Chinese Made Easy Workbook 1 (3rd Ed.)

馬亞敏, 李欣穎

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The third edition of the "Chinese Made Easy" is written for primary 5 or 6 students and secondary school and university students who are learning Chinese as a foreign/second language.

The primary goal of the 3rd series is to help students establish a solid foundation of vocabulary, grammar, knowledge of Chinese and communication skills through natural and graduate integration of language, content and culture. The simultaneous development of listening, speaking, reading and writing is especially emphasized. This aim is to help students develop skills to communicate in Chinese in authentic contexts and express their viewpoint appropriately, precisely, logically and coherently.


ISBN 9789620434655
出版社 香港三联
作者 馬亞敏, 李欣穎
页数 180




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