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程美珍 主编,李珠 副主编

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  • 印刷时间:2009-1-1
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The author has collected 900 typical erroneous sentences written in Chinese by foreign students from English-speaking countries in exercises and examinations during the past few decades. Based on a comparison of the English and Chinese. the errors found in these sentences have been placed into three categories: grammatical errors, syntactical errors and punctuation errors. The author analyzes the causes of these errors and also gives instruction on how to correct them. Comparing the two languages will enable the learner to get a double effect with half the effort. This book provides abundant teaching materials. making it a valuable reference tool for teachers and a reliable helper for self-study. It maybe used as supplementary material for the ELEMENTARY CHINESE READERS. ELEMENTARY CHINESE. INTRODUCTORY CHINESE and other Chinese-language teaching textbooks


ISBN 9787800525155
出版社 华语教学出版社
作者 程美珍 主编,李珠 副主编
页数 331




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